About me

Hi! I'm Kyle. I mostly like making video games, but I also do artsy stuff like illustrations, renders, low poly, and music. I love to teach what I know to anyone who'll listen, so that's why I made this blog. Here I talk about things that pique my interest and make tutorials about Unity, programming, and anything else I want to teach.

I've never been too great at writing, so hopefully what I put out makes sense and isn't too hard to read. I'm also a fan of brevity (and not too keen on wordiness) so that's why some articles and pieces may seem short.


This site was made possible thanks to the following:

Kirby CMS
My awesome CMS that gives me the freedom and flexibility to build a website that's all me, without the serious overhead or mountain of paid plugins that many CMSs have

Font Awesome 5 Pro
The only Kickstarter I've ever backed, and well worth it

A beautiful open font designed by Owen Earl at indestructible type*

Visual Studio Code
Personally I like it more than Visual Studio