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Kyle Lamothe
Pretends to be cool
This page is still a work in progress.


I hold the copyrights for anything I have created and put my name on. This includes (and of course is not limited to):

  • My username, logo, and my own copyrighted works
  • Logos and code on any of my subdomains
  • The current.gen Studios name, logo, and its own copyrighted works
  • All photography and creative works on pics.alscenic.com (in other words, all of its images)
  • Website code (HTML, JavaScript/JQuery, CSS) throughout the alscenic.com domain and its subdomains (using it as a learning tool is encouraged though)

When I say "everything on this website is mine," I mean it. Every image, logo, line of code - everything unless otherwise specified. This applies to any of my subdomains. (*.alscenic.com)

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